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DOMAIN Forwarding/Redirection


DOMAIN FORWARDING redirects traffic from your domain that is registered at NextRegister.com to another URL anywhere.

NextRegister offers Domain forwarding for the domain names that have been registered or transferred to www.nextregister.com.  Send your domain to any website address or IP address using URL Forwarding. 

For example, visitors to www.yourname.com could be automatically redirected to another URL, even if you have not set up a website with your domain name yet.  URL Forwarding is fast, effective and at a low cost with your domain registration.  If you have a long web address register a domain name and forward it to that address.

Additionally, some hosting companies will not allow unique domains (i.e. www. yourdomain.com) to point to your web site (i.e. www. hisdomainname.com). In that case, you will also need to use URL-forwarding.  


DOMAIN Forwarding Login

Access the Domain Manager section and login using your username and password, and select DOMAIN-FORWARDING to receive banner-free forwarding to the URL of your choice. This very useful feature costs $5.00 per year with your domain name registration.  Other registrars like Register.com charge $50 for the Url forwarding service alone.  

You can use a www URL-http : //www.yourcompany.com/yourexamplesite.html, or a host URL- http : //
Both options will take 24-48 hours to take effect.