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NextRegister.com URL Forwarding is Masked.  When you type your domain name in the browser window and utilize our Domain Forwarding service, you will only see your domain name as you or your customer navigates your web site from one page to another.  If you wish to change the URL forwarding to be unmasked, de-select the 'Masked' option on the url forwarding page.

To save tremendous cost on hosting, many website owners and designers use URL forwarding, redirecting (masked or unmasked) to point their domain name to a website, web page, or an IP address located an another destination of the world wide web that may or may not have a long or hard to remember web address.  Yahoo and AOL's website users found it tremendously beneficial to use our URL forwarding to redirect their domain name which was registered with us to their web site. 

Improve the traffic to your website using URL forwarding,  Many clients own several domain names.  Many of those domain names create traffic if redirected to their web site or web page. 

URL Forwarding redirects traffic from your domain that is registered at www.NextRegister.com to another URL anywhere.

NextRegister.com offers URL forwarding for the domain names that have been registered or transferred to www.NextRegister.com.  Send your domain to any website address or IP address using URL Forwarding. 

For example, visitors to www.yourname.com could be automatically redirected to another URL even if you have not set up a website with your domain name yet.  URL Forwarding is fast, effective and inexpensive. If you have a long web address register a domain name and forward it to that address.

Additionally, some hosting companies will not allow unique domains (i.e. www. yourdomain.com) to point to your web site (i.e. www. hisdomainname.com). In that case, you will also need to use URL-forwarding.  

URL Forwarding Login

URL-forwarding is available as a service, and is a function of the management control panel.
To access your user account and manage your URL Forwarding (add/edit), use
the link below to
access the Domain Manager section, login using your username and password, and select the DOMAIN-FORWARDING tab. This banner-free service is free with your domains registered with NextRegister.com. You can use a www URL- http : //www.yourcompany.com/yourexamplesite.html, or a host URL- http : //  Both options will take 24-48 hours to take effect.