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Setting up the Name Servers for your hosted website

When you register your domain, default DNS settings are used. Your web hosting provider can give you their primary and secondary DNS information and you can change the default settings to those of your web host. The DNS information usually looks something like this:

Primary Hostname-
Primary IP-
Secondary Hostname-
Secondary IP-

To change DNS information 

  1. Log on to our website at, and click on "Domain Manager".

  2. Beside the domain whose DNS you want to change, click Edit DNS.

  3. Replace the existing information with the information provided by your web hosting company (You only need to use the name servers, not the IP addresses.)

  4. Click Save. Your new DNS information is automatically entered, if it is verified to be valid.

Please allow 24 - 48 hours for your change to propagate throughout the Internet.

RECOMMENDATION: after you finish changing your DNS make sure your domain is locked to secure your domain at the registry.  It's an extra layer of security. Also consider changing your password every time you give it out.